Leather is a natural product. It breathes, is warm and has individual attributes, such as shade, grain variation and natural markings, which all add to its charm and beauty. We stress these marks as features indicating it is real leather, not faults. Although slight shading of colours can occur and is natural, we endeavour to match all hides used as closely as we can.

General usage and care of Leather upholstery

Leather upholstery has a soft suppleness that will last throughout the life of the furniture. On softer areas such as cushions, creases and wrinkles will naturally occur, and the leather may give a little over time on the seat areas. This is quite normal and gives a soft inviting look that you can only really get with quality leather upholstery. For leather care products press here


Dust your furniture regularly with a soft cloth or brush, to stop the accumulation of dust and dirt that cause premature wear. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on leather.

Sunlight & heat

All leathers can be affected by light; we recommend it is positioned away from direct sunlight and heat to protect them from fading and premature wear. (Aniline leathers are especially sensitive to sunlight).

Do not place hot items such as hot drinks, hot water bottles or laptops on leather as they may result in dark marks. Therefore we don’t recommend leather sofas for use in conservatories.

Try to maintain at least 30cm clearance from heat sources such as radiators to prevent colour change or permanent marks occurring.


Remove any spills immediately. Blot the liquid with a clean, dry, white, lint free cloth, working towards the centre of the spill dabbing gently. Do not rub or use abrasive cleaners, detergents or solvents as this will result in damage to your furniture.
Leather Care

One of the most important factors for prolonging the life of a Chesterfield is that of caring and conditioning the leather. The most common problem noted today is that of dried and cracked leather usually attributed to the lack of maintenance.

When the skin of our hands or face dries we apply a relative cream or conditioner to sooth it, the same should be done to our furniture. In hot climates like that of southern Europe and the Middle East conditioning should begin after approximately 12 months of purchase and should be repeated every 6 months.

We provide several products for leather and wood surfaces. Five different leather conditioners and cleaners are available depending on the type of leather and three wood conditioners and preservers. Conditions apply. Please contact us for further details.