The Best of British Furniture

Interior designers are continuously looking for authentic traditional leather sofas with a traditional English theme, and this is when sourcing furniture becomes extremely important. If you are looking for a traditional leather sofa then look no further than House of Chesterfields. We are the leading suppliers of hand crafted, high quality, British made Chesterfield Sofas and Chairs.

Our niche brand of British Chesterfields still produces all of its leather furniture in Lancashire England for discerning customers mindful of quality and heritage. This combines the striking look of a chesterfield with all the acquired features of the Eighteenth Century while providing fine beauty and comfort to the living area or study. All of our furniture is handmade in our workshop by highly skilled craftsmen who are still carrying on the art of traditional chesterfield sofa making.

In our workshop our craftsmen make every sofa with passion, their attention to detail is phenomenal and this is what creates our iconic collections at House of Chesterfields. Natural leather is flawed and variable therefore requiring a skilled artisan to cut and sew each piece. Some of our craftsman come from families who have worked with leather for generations, this adds to the understanding and quality of the material while giving us something extra in our ability to make a more interesting product. The deep buttoning and pleating of leather is the main feature of Chesterfield furniture design and the choice of hand studding or piping edges brings a touch of class to any circumstance.

Here are three of our more popular models which are part of our traditional range:

  The Farnworth Chesterfield is a standard back Chesterfield featuring buttoned arms and back. The inside back of the leather chesterfield sofa has been upholstered with a lumber support for the lower back and also promoting good posture. This particular design comes in a full range of colours to fit in with any décor.

  The Gladstone Chesterfield is suitable for all the modern living requirements of today. This particular design features sweeping arms and slightly higher back quilted pleating which will enhance any study or living room. The traditional English design is not only extremely elegant but it is a piece of art. This particular design is very striking and is truly British, it is available in a full range of colours which would fit into any room’s colour scheme to either compliment or contrast and stand out.

  The Original Victorian Chesterfield dated back to 1880. Sourced from an old mansion in Norfolk this sofa has been fully restored to its former glory. As a customer if you like British made and very traditional chesterfield leather sofas then come to House of Chesterfields, you will not be disappointed.

  For more information please contact info@chesterfield.gr