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The Antique French Hunts Oval Handmade Oak Vintage Table has four hand carved fire breathing dragon legs attached to the main column. Two piece Oval top with hand carved lip. Circa 1880

The Berkeley English Dining Table is handmade in Flamed mahogany wood with two four columned pedestals, hand carved with skirting. Total length of 125 inches. Solid brass foot with castors. Measuring (LxDxH) 312x115x78cm.

The English Bow End Dining Table is shown with 1 extendable leaf

The Carmel Ash One Piece Dining Table is a mid size dining table with heavy carved cabriole legs made from Ash wood. The top is rosewood banded with Olive Ash Burl veneer which has a unique pattern. Table fits 8 guests. Measuring (LxDxH): 240x110x78cm.

The Charleston Centre Table is handmade with swirl veneered top sitting on centre pedestal with four columns leading on to four legs with solid brass lion foot with brass castors. Measuring (LxDxH): 150x150x77cm. Also available in 135cm. diametre and 180cm. diametre.

The Circular Tripod dining table shown as 183cm diameter table, can be made 152cm and 213cm diameter

The Burr Dining Table is available with a fixed top measuring 180cm. in length, 95cm. wide and 77cm height with 2 carved column legs. Available in Mahogany wood with Burr Oak top. Hand crafted by time served craftsman. Also available with an extendable top with two extra leaves measuring 280cm.

The Drawer Leaf dining table measures 122cm closed and opens up to 152cm

The Empire Round Table is handmade with a fixed top measuring 152cm diameter and 79cm height ideal for large entrances. Hand carved central star inlay and rope carving around the perimeter. Finished in solid mahogany wood hand crafted by time served craftsman.

The English Pedestal Dining Table measuring 280cm, 112cm wide and 76cm height with 2 column legs. Seating 10 persons, hand finished in solid Mahogany wood with flamed mahogany top and banded with yew wood. Hand crafted by time served craftsman. Can also be ordered with extra third column and two extra leaves measuring 380cm.

The English Pembroke Bow End Dining Table is shown with 1 side down

The Peninsular Handcrafted Dining Table Louis XV style, extendable table with swirl banded top, and carvings on legs and rim. Extra support legs when fully extended. Measuring:203cm closed, 315cm fully extended (2x56cm. leaves) 115cm deep, 77cm. high.

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