Dining Tables 

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The Antique French Hunts Oval Handmade Oak Vintage Table has four hand carved fire breathing dragon legs attached to the main column. Two piece Oval top with hand carved lip. Circa 1880

The Burr Dining Table is available with a fixed top measuring 180cm. in length, 95cm. wide and 77cm height with 2 carved column legs. Available in Mahogany wood with Burr Oak top. Hand crafted by time served craftsman. Also available with an extendable top with two extra leaves measuring 280cm.

The Burr Dining Table is available as an extendable top measuring 282cm in length

The English Breakfast is shown in Yew wood finish Table measuring 122cm and 76cm height. Available at 76cm and 90cm as standard sizes custom sizes are available. Shown in Yew wood, also available in Mahogany wood in many other wood shades. Hand crafted in England by time served craftsman.

The Victorian Dining Table dining table measures 160cm closed and opens up to 214cm. Matched with 6 Wheatear Dining chairs. The price refers to the table only.

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